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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Real Cause Of Cavities & Demineralization + The Right Diet For Healthy Teeth

...............................The Right Diet For Healthy Teeth

Fat-soluble vitamins and minerals are the keys to the door of oral health. By eating foods rich in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, you provide your entire body with the tools it needs for hormone balance, proper enzymatic function, and overall good health.
Once again, the foods we must eat for healthy teeth are among the top nutrient-dense foods and the foods that nourish our thyroids.

#1 — Raw Grass-Fed Dairy

Raw milk, yogurt, and kefir are full of enzymes, calcium, and fat-soluble activators from the grass. Learn 7 more little-known facts about raw milk, plus questions to ask your farmer if you’re trying to source raw milk.
Also, learn how to make thick raw milk yogurt (here’s how!) and kefir (here’s how!).
Raw and aged cheeses have even more B and C vitamins than raw milk, thanks to fermentation! They are also full of enzymes, minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins including Activator X (source).
Get started with our 15 Easy Raw Cheese Recipes! Or dive into the world of cheese in our Cultured Dairy and Cheesemaking eCourse.
Butter, cream, and ghee are are some of the highest food sources of Dr. Price’s “Activator X” — what we now know as vitamin K2 (source). Did you know that a K2 deficiency causes sensitive teeth (source)? ONLY grass-fed butter, cream, and ghee contain high amounts of vitamin K2.

Wild-Caught Fish & Pastured Animal Foods

Bone broth is FULL of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, from the beef, pig, lamb, or chicken bones and feet. Add veggie scraps for even more minerals.
Bone marrow has LOTS of essential minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and MORE — plus loads of fat-soluble vitamins (source). Learn how to prepare it here!
Liver and other organ meats are loaded with all of the fat-soluble activators (A, D, E, K2), trace minerals, and B vitamins. Definitely part of the right diet for healthy teeth! (Here’s how to eat it without gagging.)
Wild-caught seafood and fish eggs were prevalent in traditional diets and now sadly lack in ours. These foods are so nutrient-dense that they were often reserved for pregnant and nursing mothers!
Pastured animal meats and eggs contain all the B vitamins and fat-soluble activators, plus trace minerals.
Pastured and wild-caught animal fats include tallowlard, goose and duck fat, seal fat, and whale blubber — all FULL of fat-soluble vitamins. Traditional diets utilized some, if not all, of these foods, depending on location.
Today, fermented cod liver oil is a rich source of tooth-healing vitamins A, D, and K2, and both Dr. Price and Rami Nagiel recommend it in their tooth-healing protocols.

Mineral-Rich Foods

Quality salt is full of trace minerals to replenish your body’s mineral stores — unlike iodized table salt (one of the “white” foods mentioned earlier). (Read about The Problems With Table Salt + The Different Types Of Mineral-Rich Salts.)
Green vegetables, rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more trace minerals, should not be overlooked in any tooth-healing diet.

Can You Really Heal Tooth Decay?

I’ve personally experienced this, and several of our online friends have similar testimonies. We’re all doing it the same way — with nourishing foods full of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins!....................


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