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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, March 06, 2017

Added Fluoride in nursery water, help!!


So I've been preparing my 7 months old bottles with the pink gallon of nursery water with added fluoride since birth because that was the only baby water on the shelf. I just saw an article about it rotting children's teeth if used as the only source of water. I'm freaking out now thinking I've set my LO up for failure and he's going to get fluorosis and have bad teeth because I chose fluoridated water! I thought I was doing the best for him but now I'm afraid it's not good. Anyone know if this is true?

What? Baby water? I wouldn't even know where to get that. What's wrong with regular human drinking water? Could even get a charcoal filter to make sure it's pure. I couldn't possibly answer your question without knowing the product ie. how much fluoride it contains and how much your baby has been drinking daily. I would imagine it can't be much - just think of the law suites if any harm had been caused.

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