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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, March 03, 2017

One In A Million (1960)

Going by the 1960 Government video fluoridation stops all dental decay. If I had seen this then it would have converted me to a believer. Now I'm more aware of propaganda and lies.
just look at conflicting evidence. Fluoridation is not effective or safe.

Epidemic’ of Childhood Tooth Decay in the Fluoridated Republic of Ireland

The Child Dental Health Survey 2000 Tasmania

Australian Dental Association Tasmania president Chris Sanzano said there were no big surprises in yesterday’s report, with the trends present in this state.
He said he believed kids were hospitalised every week on the North-West Coast with tooth decay.
‘‘We’ve known for a while that children’s decay rates have been increasing,’’ Dr Sanzano said.
‘‘We need to be promoting healthy snacks for children including fresh fruit, and avoiding all soft drinks, fruit juices, cordial and instead drinking tap water.’’

The report also found that 38 per cent of people 15 and over had not visited a dentist in 12 months.
Dr Sanzano said this was most likely higher in Tasmania, because of lower socio economic groups, and longer waiting lists in public dental health.
The Dental Surgery dentist Theodore Pang said a greater focus on prevention education was needed to alleviate dental health issues in the community.
‘‘You need to look at the long-term view, and not just what needs to be done right now,’’ Dr Pang said.



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