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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dr. Lee talks about studies showing fluoridation ineffective. He also has a fascinating story about the first attempt to pass a state-wide mandatory fluoridation law in California. A young Jerry Brrown, governor at that time, asked a specially formed commission to give him one (out of the supposed hundreds) safety study on fluoridation. The fluoridationists could not produce even one safety study. The special commission
dissolved in chaos and that was the end of that attempt at a state-wide mandatory fluoridation law. But Jerry Brown stopped being governor for a while, and a state -wide mandatory bill was passed the legislature in 1995. Jerry Brown is once again the governor, and much of the state now has fluoridation because it cannot be stopped or voted out by citzens due to the state mandatory law.

First time I've seen this video maybe quite old but very informative.


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