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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Steven D. Slott

This opinion article has been submitted by the American Fluoridation Society.
OPINION -- In a recent anti fluoridation article in the Lund Report, Rick North expresses numerous misconceptions, misrepresentations, and errors. As is always the case, it takes far more time and space to properly address such misrepresentations, than it does to express them in the first place. The following is a detailed explanation of the fallacies of North's claims.
North refers to a petition which has been widely promoted on the internet by fluoridation opponents. This petition was signed by New York antifluoridationist faction, "Fluoride Action Network", the antifluoridationist group, "Mom's Against Fluoridation", the fringe activist group, "IAOMT", a fringe environmental group, and a consumer group..............

Click on title to go to article and read the many comments below his letter.


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