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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Letters Consider all research when it comes to fluoride

To the editor:
The Aug. 19 letter to the editor from Bevan Davies of Kennebunk mentions the plentiful research available on both sides of the debate over fluoride in our drinking water that the towns served by theKennebunk Kennebunkport and Wells Water District will be voting on in November.
At the Aug. 12 fluoride forum held at Kennebunk Town Hall, a new website was introduced that shares links to articles on both sides of the issue. That site is www.rethinkingfluoride.com
Also at the forum, the pro-fluoridation guest speaker from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene, Dianne Smallidge, urged the audience to be suspect of the source on our search for scientific information. Good Advice.
She also advised that we disregard any research on the topic involving animal studies. Really? Seems like odd advice when Jackson Laboratory, based here in Maine has been conducting research and supplying scientists all over the world with mice for several decades.
Just this month there were several press releases about their various newly awarded research grants. Two of the larger grants were:
$28.3 million for the mouse genome project - from NIH (National Institute of Health), and $12 million to study mice to see what traits predispose them to addiction and use those findings to inform research into human addiction – from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
According to the laboratory’s website, mice and humans share approximately 20,000 genes, thus the genome project.
The laboratory has over a thousand different lines of research mice, and sends millions of them to scientists around the world for medical research. Surely this must have some importance to human health outcomes.
With all due respect to Smallidge, who generously gave her time to speak at the forum, we should decide for ourselves if we want to look at fluoride research that involves animals.
Eunice Sargent


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