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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Community Water Fluoridation: Tackling The Irrational Fears

AbstractOver the past several decades, a political movement has evolved whose agenda is to end community water fluoridation. Despite decades of data demonstrating safe and effective reductions in dental caries, anti-fluoridation activists continue their efforts globally. Under the banner of concerned citizens, the activists lead with emotionally charged fears (e.g fluoride causes cancer, fluoride is used in rat poison), back their claims with questionable science and follow up with endorsements from like-minded professionals, including some dentists. Not fully understanding the nuances of research, legislators are urged to err on the side of safety and, when faced with organized public pressure, do so. We examine the psychology of anti-fluoride activism and the role social media and the Internet plays in misinforming the public. A call is made for organized dentistry to increase its online presence and advocacy.

You might like to read how we misinform. They don't of course.


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