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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, June 12, 2016

From Open Parachute

Chemophobic scaremongering: Much ado about absolutely nothing

Sometimes anti-fluoride propagandists end up shooting themselves in the foot. This always seems to happen when they produce “evidence’ that fluoridating chemicals are loaded with toxic heavy metals.
It feels like shooting fish in a barrel to debunk their use of analytical figures because the data they produce always shows them to be completely wrong. I wrote about this before in Fluoridation: emotionally misrepresenting contamination. So, I am effectively repeating myself by discussing the meme image below that Fluoride Free NZ is currently circulating in social media...........................

The fact that fluoridation entails hundreds of tons of contaminated fluorosilicic acid to be  injected into the water each year is reason enough to think and feel it is wrong? Except open parachute of course.


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