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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Australia - READERS REACT: Fluoride debate heats up on social media

READERS explained their views on fluoride when we asked them on our Facebook page. See what they said:
Aneurin Williams: My family and I all have had fluoride in our water from dot. When I first came to Queensland I thought there was a drug epidemic as never seen so many rotten teeth I found out it was because there was no fluoride in the water. All our kids have great teeth.
Alison McGregor: The ethics of mass medication is the heart of this issue, its not about fluoride. This is a medication whether we need it or not, which is being administered on mass, without any individual consideration. Imagine the outcry if the government also started adding antidepressants or Lithium into to the water supply because there may be a benefit to public mental health. People need to be free to choose to use fluoride or not, its a problem for people because when its dosed into the water, choice is removed.
Trina Friend: We have tank water and we don't take fluoride tablets. My kids have great teeth, a great dentist years ago said "don't make them rinse after brushing and this leaves enough fluoride to do the job" seems to have worked.
Hannaah Bannaah I am against it purely for the fact some people are  actually allergic/sensitive to it and are forced to buy bottled water. I think that we are fortunate to have the access we have to readily available drinking water and that shouldn't be denied to anyone. Leave it out. Those in favour use the tablets provided by council.

Leah Bennett: It's a such a tiny amount, you won't die from it, you won't even notice the difference. I refuse to drink tap water in qld as its not in the water!
Gareth Taylor: Said it before I'll say it again, arguing against fluoride is the same as arguing against vaccinating your kids.
Phoebe Day: Forced mass poisoning.. No Govt has the right to force chemicals into the population.. Free tablets for those sill enough to take them.. Rotten teeth comes from rotten diet., tooth decay is not caused be a lack of fluoride.
Debbie Brooker: Would like to see it removed. Should be a personal choice and quite easy for people that want to add it to their personal life without inflicting the whole community.
Rebecka Martin: Absolutely not. If you want fluoride in your water put in your water. Fluoride is very bad for your thyroid and your body.
Sheryl Frank: I am one that buys bottled water so my gums do not bleed. I vote NO FLUORIDE
Simon Houghton: Sure. Take the fluoride out. Dentists will love it.
Chloe Bishop: If you want fluoride, then get it separately. Forced "medication" is unethical. Keep our water clean!!!
Louise Renton: I have never been comfortable with the factthat we have no choice in the matter. Water is vital and we should have a choice as to what medications we take.
Donna Bdw: I am against it for a few reasons, not the least of which is the Government forcibly medicating us.
Marie Cooke: Mass medication forced upon you, I'll pass because I like my thyroid gland working
Jen de Groot: It's poison!
Kym Abell: Should never have been introduced!
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  • At the time that article was written I had commented more on that post than anyone else, but for some reason I was not quoted. I was banned from posting on Facebook for three days just for telling Gareth Taylor he was making a fool of himself. Apparently sticking the boot in to some of the most vulnerable members of society is perfectly fine, while stating a simple truth is banworthy.

    By Anonymous Dan Germouse, at 09 June, 2016  

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