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Friday, June 17, 2016

Election 2016: Health Australia Party criticised for candidates' 'alternative health beliefs'

By Bruce Mackenzie

A portrait of Andrew PattersonThe Health Australia Party was formed in 2013 by naturopath Andrew Patterson. (Supplied: Health Australia Party)

A party promoting natural remedies that has drawn the number one spot on the Senate ballot in NSW has been labelled "dangerously alternative" by a leading medical body.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners deputy chair Dr Sue Page said the Health Australia Party (HAP) was more accurately reflected by its previous name, the Natural Medicine Party.

Dr Page said some of its candidates held dangerously alternative beliefs about health.

"In Victoria the lead candidate is a homoeopath who describes himself as being the world authority on homoeopathic immunisation," she said.

"He claims that homoeopathic immunisation can be 90 per cent effective against epidemic infectious diseases.

"Putting it as politely as I can, homoeopathic vaccination is crap."

Dr Page said the party included people from a "natural remedies background" who had a policy manifesto "around homoeopathy, home birthing and what are basically conspiracy theories".

Allopathic medicine has its critics too


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