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Thursday, June 16, 2016

From Ask Doctors Now

Fluoride neurotoxicity

Hi all,
I am a 3rd year medical student and I recently read an article on lancet neurology about fluoride exposure- neurotoxic effects and how it can reduce cognitive performance. This gave me some concerns since when i was an adolescent I used to drink large amounts of green tea which purportedly contains a lot of fluoride. How do you evaluate this piece of research? I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Reply: Fluoride neurotoxicity
The main sources of fluoride are fluorinated pharmaceuticals including toothpastes, mouth rises etc and certain vitamins (Tri-Vi-Flor, Poly-Vi-Flor, Vi-Daylin F), fluoridated water, bottled teas, fluoride-containing pesticides, teflon pans, and mechanically deboned chicken.

While in small quantities the fluoride in them is helpful, over consuming these products can be a cause of concern. So, if you took green tea which had permissible levels of fluoride, and drank 6-8 cups a day then yes, this can be considered as over exposure if taken over years. On the other hand if you just took a cup or two every day then it should not be a cause of problem. Also bottled green tea has more fluoride than freshly brewed one.

As a medical student you will read a lot of literature. Usually, toxicity is dose related. Hence, this should be kept in mind while analyzing exposure.
Hope this helps. Take care!


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