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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PHR - 12/3000/40: An evaluation of a water fluoridation scheme in Cumbria

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Project titleAn evaluation of a water fluoridation scheme in Cumbria
Research typePrimary Research
StatusResearch in progress
Start dateOctober 2013
Publication date
April 2021
This is the estimated publication date for this report, but please note that delays in the editorial review process can cause the forecast publication date to be delayed.
Cost£ 1,563,844.46
Chief InvestigatorProfessor Iain Pretty
Co-investigatorsDr Richard Emsley (The University of Manchester)Professor Michael Kelly (National Institiute for Health & Clinical Excellence)Professor Matthew Sutton (The University of Manchester)Professor Martin Tickle (The University of Manchester)Dr Tanya Walsh (The University of Manchester)Dr Eric Rooney (NHS Cumbria)Dr William Whittaker (The University of Manchester)Dr Rebecca Wagstaff (Public Health England)Ms Julie Fletcher (Barnardos)
ContractorSalford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Plain English summary
Tooth decay is the commonest disease of childhood and tooth extraction due to decay is the main reason why children have a general anaesthetic in hospital. We have known for over 90 years that fluoride can prevent tooth decay; it is present in nearly all toothpastes and can be provided in mouthwash...
Scientific summary
Dental caries remains a significant public health problem. It is certainly the most prevalent disease affecting children; the last national survey reported that 43% of 5-year-olds had tooth decay. Prevalence varied; 41% in England, 52% in Wales and 61% in Northern Ireland (data for Scotland was not ...
Protocol (PDF File - 191.1 KB)


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