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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Are Doctors Experts On Vaccines?


  • Doctors are wonderful for treating trauma but in curing disease are a total failure since they are nothing more than prostitutes for Big Pharma with their one-size-fits-all pill for all ills prescribing mentality.

    It should be obvious to anyone that injecting a syringe full of pus and poison into the body cannot possibly prevent disease and doctors who ignorantly place blind faith in Big Pharma and assault innocent babies with these evil concoctions without questioning the ingredients in vaccines are unfit to practice medicine.

    There are much safer and far more effective natural therapies out there which really do honour the hippocratic oath 'first do no harm'. Homeopathy is the most powerful healing protocol of all time but of course it is ridiculed and dismissed by the medical mafia because its effectiveness is a direct threat to the pharmaceutical industry and the credibility of conventional medicine.

    By Anonymous Carrie, at 18 May, 2016  

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