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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

USA - Opposition To Fluoride In Buffalo's Water Still High

Opposition To Fluoride In Buffalo's Water Still High, Apparently

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Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson
Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson
With the second of two public forums on the matter coming up on Thursday, residents are still stepping forward to express opposition to adding fluoride to the water in Buffalo.
At last week's city council meeting, two residents, Laura DeMatteis and Marie Verger, addressed the council to express their opposition.
The two said they represented Safe Water Buffalo, an organization dedicated to keeping fluoride out of the municipal water system, and presented statistics supporting their position.
DeMatteis said she was quoting more recent statistics and giving more current information than those who are using information and statistics in support of adding fluoride to the city's water.
Dr. Mark Schueler, Public Health Officer for Johnson County, has been behind the latest drive for fluoride in the city's water, citing studies showing the county with the lowest naturally-occurring fluoride in the state and the highest incidents of cavities and other dental problems in the state.
He feels as the county's health officer, it is his responsibility to push for fluoridation.
Alternatives to fluoridating the city's water have been brought up and discussed briefly, and more discussions on some of those ideas are expected at Thursday's meeting.
Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson addressed those attending the first forum, saying no decision has been reached by the council, but he felt fluoride in the water still might not be a solution by itself. 
Again, those with an opinion they would like to share are encouraged to attend Thursday's final public forum at City Hall at 5pm.


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