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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Australia - Council stays firm on no fluoride decision made in 2013

Why has the fluoride debate been reignited on the Coast?RETURNING fluoride to the Fraser Coast's water supply is not on the council's agenda at this stage.
Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft said the council removed fluoride in 2013 and "its position has not changed".
"The new council has not been approached to discuss the issue," he added.
The mayor's comments come after Eli Waters resident Nikki Boswell called on the state government resume control of the fluoride debate.
The fluoride mandate was handed to the state's local governments by the Newman Government in 2012.
On Facebook the Chronicle's readers again had their say on the issue.
Suzanne Robi wants the public to say 'no' to fluoride.
"(I'm) so glad I have a rainwater tank and can drink water that doesn't smell like it's from a swimming pool," she wrote.
Kat Nicol said she was 32 years old and had no cavities after growing up in Sydney with fluoride in the water
"Maybe I'm lucky with my teeth," she wrote.
"It's a fact it helps with teeth (and) prevents dental issues."
A poll on the Chronicle's website found 33% of people wanted to have the debate again while 64% say we should move on.


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