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Thursday, January 21, 2016

USA - Dentists, physicians create new fluoridation society

Dentists, physicians create new fluoridation society
By DrBicuspid Staff
January 20, 2016 -- A group of dental and medical professionals has created the American Fluoridation Society (AFS), seeking to "debunk myths and clarify the evidence behind fluoridation's safety and benefits."
The society will provide testimony and technical assistance to state and local communities that are seeking to start fluoridation or defend the practice against attacks.
The organization will move aggressively to assist communities that want to share the facts about fluoride, according to Johnny Johnson, DMD, a pediatric dentist in Palm Harbor, FL, and president of the society.
"AFS will be active both online and on the ground," Dr. Johnson stated in a press release. He noted that he knew firsthand how critics of fluoridation can confuse the public and elected officials.
"In Pinellas County, Florida -- where I live -- a handful of people worked behind the scenes to circulate a lot of inaccurate information, and health professionals were caught off guard when a vote was taken to stop fluoridation," Dr. Johnson stated. "Eventually, we were able to reverse that decision, but no community should have to go through that experience."
The society has received a grant from the Delta Dental Foundation of California.
The other AFS officers are listed below:
  • Vice President Myron Allukian Jr., DDS, MPH, a clinical assistant professor in the department of health policy and health services in the research dental school at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
  • Secretary Chuck Haynie, MD, of Hood River, OR
  • Treasurer Kurt Ferre, DDS, of Portland, OR
  • Information Director Steven Slott, DDS, of Burlington, NC

For more information on the society, email info@americanfluoridationsociety.com.


  • Aha! The Slott Machine is getting worried! This is an offshoot of the Fluoridation Trolling Network - check this person out and be amazed at how many hours each day he must spend writing his pathetic claims instead of fixing people's teeth. If these folk are finding it necessary to copy the BFS then they're really getting deperate.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2016  

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