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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blackpool - Questions over fluoride milk - Politically Correct by Brian Coope

Chairman of Clean Up Blackpool and community activistTalking about corn flakes takes me on to my next subject, the fluoridation of milk for our schoolchildren.
I read this news with concern, as I am aware there is a wide debate across the country and for many years about the addition of fluoride in water and milk. So people think it will lead to healthier teeth while others believe fluoride can cause health problems.
I am cautious over this scheme. I do understand in Blackpool some of our young people have very poor dental hygiene, and that bad teeth can have a negative effect throughout life, however is over fluoridation the answer?
I would like to know what work educationalists have done on encouraging and providing facilities for children to clean their teeth at school.
I am also concerned about all those children who have parents who do care, of which there any many tens of thousands in this town, who do ensure good oral practices at home.


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