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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, January 21, 2016

From Doug Cross UKCAF

Blackpool's Dental Milk plan referred
to National Food Crime Unit

Well, the bovine Blackpool Council finally fell for it! On Monday evening it decided to supply fluoridated milk ('Dental Milk') to primary school kids in all of its schools. This has been simmering in the background for several years, spurred on by the private sector Borrow Foundation.

This raises some very interesting legal points, of which the Council has been fully aware for over two years (because I provided them with a summary of them.) But it appears that their legal advisers have ignored these objections,

It's time they were reminded that Councils need to be very cautious over supporting any medical interventions that their supposedly expert health advisers reccommend, because they could attract unwelcome attention from some very interested parties outside.............................


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