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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, December 07, 2015

Published on 6 Dec 2015
In 2013 when Winnipeg Alternative Media first got started, we were already working with Fluoride Free Winnipeg to raise awareness on the issue of toxic water fluoridation with the goal of getting the city to cease using the dangerous chemicals in our water supply.
We held many rallies and events, spoke with plenty of local media and local politicians, got a class action lawsuit off the ground and many other efforts in order to finish what we had started. So far, the mission has not been accomplished.
But, there will be no sitting back and taking defeat any longer! We must organize as a community again and put our hearts and minds together to bring this extremely important issue back to the forefront and begin making more effective efforts towards ending this for once and for all.
This video is the official call to arms and the first of many to come throughout the winter as we hope to organize, begin conversation with many Winnipeggers and begin to formulate a well thought out plan for how to get people out in good numbers come spring of 2016 and on how we are going to alert media and politicians. There is much work to do but together we can absolutely achieve this goal.
If you do not know many of the details and truths behind what water fluoridation really is then please, we encourage you to follow these links and take in some of the information we have put together for you.

Please check out our page dedicated to tons of fluoridation stories, research and documentation - https://winnipegalternativemedia.com/...

Also, our Youtube playlist with plenty of reports and interviews on water fluoridation - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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