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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Water NZ calls for Government to legislate fluoridation

Water New Zealand is encouraged by a recent report written by two New Zealand dental scientists which reveals that most New Zealanders see the benefits of having fluoride in drinking water.
“This report re-iterates what most sensible people know: that the science about the benefits of fluoride is robust and that most of us are in favour of having fluoride in our taps,” says John Pfahlert, CEO of Water New Zealand.
Water New Zealand, along with many other organistions such as Local Government New Zealand and the NZ Dental Association, believes that central Government should implement legislation insisting on nationwide fluoridation.
“It is a matter of public health and is therefore not something which should be decided on case by case by councils – it’s not a decision about whether to plant geraniums or gerberas in the main street of a local town, it’s about the wellbeing of all New Zealanders,” said Mr Pfahlert.
“What I don’t understand is that in the face of overwhelming evidence, from various reports and research, why the Government refuses to make fluoridation of public water compulsory.
“The Government has itself endorsed the use of fluoride. In 2014 the office of the Prime Ministers Chief Science Advisor issued a report which conclusively demonstrated the health benefits from fluoridation and that at the correct dosage, the risks were virtually non-existent.”
“The science is settled and it is time for central Government to step up and take a stand on the issue,” says Mr Pfahlert.


I wonder if all the reps below agree with the official call to fluoridate.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and represents organisations within the water industry in New Zealand. We hold conferences, and provide training, books and other publications.

A core priority for Water New Zealand is sector leadership and advocacy. Water New Zealand makes submissions on behalf of members to Parliament on issues that relate to the fundamentals in the Vision Statement - promoting and enabling the sustainable management and development of the water environment. Other priorities include skills development and training, and membership support, including the advancement of knowledge and best practice.

Regional Representatives

Simon Weston
Steve Couper
Waikato/Bay of Plenty
David Ray
Central North Island
Geoff Mills
Paul Curtis
Juliet Westbury
Rainer Hoffman
Roger Fraser


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