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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Slott Machine backs Artificial Fluoridation

April 30, 2015 # 4:10 pm # Corporatocracy Watch # 10 Comments

Someone should tell Steven product-Fluoride-Poison-whiteD. Slott, DDS, that some idiot has written us an email and is using his name.   – Our April 27, 2015 Blog
“Dr.” Slott should lose his license (if he has one) for incompetence.     –  A Slott dental patient
The man is a callous, heavy handed hack of a dentist. – A Slott dental patient

The Slott Machine

Steven Slott’s patients can speak for themselves. We are more concerned, and wildly impressed, with Dr. Slott’s use of his ‘free time.’ He has used it to write hundreds and hundreds of blogs attacking anti fluoridationists and supporting artificial water fluoridation.

Hard Working Troll

Dr. Slott is easily one of the hardest working trolls in the world. (We mean that with all due respect.) We rarely get feedback from our blogs, but Slott dutifully responded to our April 27 salute to  Israel for banning artificial fluoridation. Curious about his polished putdown of our side, we did some research and quickly found that Slott “catapults the propaganda,” as George Bush once said, more prolifically than anyone we’ve ever seen on ANY topic.  Slott’s propaganda dutifully backs the position, endlessly, that poisoning our water with fluoride and its attendant tramp contaminants – lead, mercury, aluminum, barium, chromium, etc. – is good for us all in unregulated doses and without our informed consent........................

Steven Slott says:
What an honor!! I always know I’ve hit the right nerves when an antifluoridationist begins “Googling” me instead of attempting to address my comments….but an entire article?? That’s far greater evidence of my effectiveness than even I had imagined!
Just one little request, however….. it was stated in the article that I post “lies”. I challenge the author of this piece to provide valid evidence of any such “lies”. The absence of which will be taken as an admission that the author is the one posting lies.
Aside from that, however, this is very entertaining piece!
Thanks, guys!!
Steven D. Slott, DDS


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