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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, August 10, 2015

Published on 9 Aug 2015
Lawsuits against water fluoridation lose because the people bringing them are ignorant of both proper lawsuit preparation and execution, as well as presenting the proper claim/subject matter. The system as it stands will go lengths to protect water fluoridation if not for some conspiratorial reason, then certainly for the sake of financial interests; we need water, just like we need air. If an industry can insert itself into a product that is needed for survival, it creates a never-ending profit flow through consumption, repeat-sales.

This is the nature of a system based on profit, greed, fractional reserve, interest and sustained by debt.

The idea that fluoride may be causing other problems on a biological level can be set aside...even though we know that of course it does have an impact on biology...and instead focus on what we can do to actually win legal attempts to remove it from the water supply.

Since the judicial system seems bent on supporting the financial interests...perhaps petitioning is the only option we have that will work. It has worked before, in certain jurisdictions. It may work in your area too.

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