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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Australia - Today’s Fluoride Telegraph article

Today’s Fluoride Telegraph article
A few people have written to me to get my opinion on today’s article slamming people’s concern for fluoride in the drinking water…

My thoughts

1) I don’t get my nutritional news from Tele articles and generally just don’t read mainstream media health articles that conclude, sweep or claim anything (or anyone else’s for that reason… Always read two sides to the story before choosing something that sits right with you as a critical thinking and analytical human being. Always ensure you include reseasrch studies that you’ve found to be independently carried out as a part of your decision making as well as a healthy dose of your own common sense and your trusted health professionals.)

2) So I read it to comment… Fluoride is ‘natural’ and found in tea leaves etc… Yes it is. When nature packages stuff together it works. Fluoride in tap water is not natural. It is added and it is not the same type of fluoride found naturally in foods – It’s the same dose for everyone and I deeply question this. Especially as babies and adults are ‘dosed’ the same way.

3) When they say “Unfluoridated water will cause rotting teeth and ill health in children”. My thoughts (and these are my thoughts. I urge you to think for yourself of course) are that these people are blaming unfluoridated water for what the modern diet is doing to our children. Fix the diet and you fix and prevent the tooth decay issue. Australia has the added issue of low mineral soils, so you might want to see a naturopath or nutritionist to discuss your child’s mineral needs for health growth including teeth and bones…

4) Accusing people of sensationalising the dangers of fluoride in the water… This article didn’t seem to short of sensationalising itself. For all the digs and jabs and lack of exact papers referencing evidence, it again doesn’t really deserve much attention

5) “Dental decay levels associated with heart disease”… Of course it is… Sugar is too – linked to both. Again, we’re blaming the preventative solution and instead fearmongering for a bandaid solution.

6) “The most recent National Health and Medical Research Council statement says fluoride is proven to reduce caries (cavities) in kids’ teeth, with absolutely no evidence it causes any adverse health effects.” They don’t specify whether they’re talking about topical fluoridation having been tested for adverse health / decay prevention / healing OR fluoride in the water… There’s a big difference there. I’ll be researching this to have a deeper understanding of this latest research…

Here’s a little except from my course from the amazing Tabitha McIntosh, AWAKEN YOUR HEALTH, who is strongly evidence based in her practice.

“Nothing in health is one size fits all. And one of the major issues is, that once we put fluoride into the water, we can’t control the dose: the margin for safety is diminished. The level of flouride put into tap water in Australia (1ppm) is 100 times higher than normally found in mother’s milk (0.01ppm). For example consider a four month old baby – in early stage neurodevelopment, with a porous blood brain barrier – receiving towards one litre of formula milk made up on boiled tap water, where proportional to body weight, fluoride intake is dangerously high. This scenario is not uncommon, and perhaps is a reason that fluoride is mentioned as a developmental neurotoxicant in Landrigan’s 2014 paper.Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity,published in the Lancet Neurology. www.thelancet.com/neurology Vol13 March2014, accesses 2 Mac 2014.”

If you trust your dentist and believe topical fluoride within a routine check might be of value to you then that’s absolutely your choice. Personally I love using a natural toothpaste and a whole foods diet low in added sugars to enjoy great tooth and gum health as does my child as does my husband (My husband and I had terrible gums / teeth when we drank fluoridated tap water and ate more sugar and starches in our day to days…) Drinking fluoridated water is also your personal choice. I filter it out but I recommend you think for yourself before doing so – and you may well disagree too and that’s AOK with me.

Bottom line? Think for yourself. Dr Ron Ehrlich​ is a wonderful holistic dentist who discusses this topic very calmly very often and has even openly held an all day public seminar presenting Dr’s on both sides of the fence on the issue in the interest of opening up the discussion, an important discussion to be having when whole populations are being mass medicated with the same dose. It should be, and continue to be hotly debated if indeed there is any doubt at all.


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