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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Water Fluoridation... Benefits?


Fact 1:
Fluoride Is Not a Nutrient. 
The National Academy of Sciences has confirmed that fluoride is not an essential nutrient. Humans, therefore, do not need fluoride for the prevention of any human disease. This distinguishes the practice of fluoridating water from the practice of adding iodine to salt; humans need iodine, they do not need fluoride........
  1. I would like to thank the people who keep this information stream going. Without it we would have no idea of the Fluoride lies we are being told by our own elected people. If we can find this info but they can still inform us the way they do they should resign. Then we need to elect people who can research not just repeat what their told.
    Read and "PROTECT" your children. It's clear no one else will.

    The Dental Director in Cincinnati (a city that has been fluoridated since 1978) described the oral health situation as follows:

    ‘We cannot meet the demand. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and a travesty. We have kids in this community with severe untreated dental infections. We have kids with self-esteem problems, and we have kids in severe pain and we have no place to send them in Cincinnati. People would be shocked to learn how bad the problem has become.’”
  2. It's not just Cincinnati Dave it is also Boston and other big cities that fluoridate their water supply. Dr. Allukian in my opinion was well aware of this when he came to our town meeting and repeated over and over again "safe and effective." Newburg N.Y. was one of the first cities to fluoridate back in 1945 with Kingston N.Y. being the control city. According to the book Truth Decay the reason these cities were chosen is because Newburg's water supply was naturally rich in minerals to promote strong teeth and bones. After seventy years of testing Kingston's teeth are slightly better than Newburgs even with the cheating that was done concerning the better mineralized water source to begin with. There is an old joke about knowing when a lawyer is lying: "when his lips are moving." It is now almost second nature for our politicians to be either lawyers or something to do with the law perhaps this is the explanation. Fluoride is a toxin and accumulates in our bodies along with all the other toxins. When our toxic load becomes to much for our bodies to handle bad things happen. Please help get this toxin out of our water supply by asking our public officials to look into the matter a little closer. Maybe with our new health agent a new leaf can be turned over. When in doubt get it out.


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