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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Australia - Talks on plans for fluoride

COHUNA residents will have the opportunity to meet today to discuss plans for the town's urban water supply to be fluoridated.

The Department of Health and Human Services is considering a proposal to add fluoride - an agent that protects teeth against decay - to the town's water.

Consideration of advocating for fluoridating the water supply is one of the outcomes of Gannawarra's participation in the Rural Engaging Communities in Oral Health project.

Kerang is the only other town in the Gannawarra municipality to have fluoride added to its water supply - a process that began in 2010.

As part of the consultation process, Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift, from LaTrobe University, and department representative, Helen Walsh will be at the Gateway to Gannawarra Centre from 1.30pm to 3pm for any community members to "drop in" to seek information or ask questions about fluoridation.

Department of Health documentation states that water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to reduce tooth decay, even though there is widespread use of fluoridated toothpaste.......


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