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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, July 24, 2015

UK - Health bosses say sugary drinks play a key role in childhood obesity

SUGARY diets that are causing an obesity and tooth decay crisis among children nationally underlines the importance of the St Helens Star backed Swap the Pop campaign, says a health chief.
Dr Dympna Edwards, assistant director of public health for the borough, says one in three children in the town have decaying teeth compared to one in four nationally.
However, she believes the education drive, which urges children and families to drink water instead of high sugar and caffeine energy drinks, can make a difference.
Dr Edwards said: "It's caused by having too much sugar too often. Brushing with fluoride is protective but it is down to the balance of sugar."
Getting the message through to new mums that children don't need so many sweet and sugary treats is important, she adds. And health visitors do checks on children at 12 months and two and a half to register them with dentists and get them tooth care kits.
But misleading labels on drinks is another issue that needs confronting, she adds: "Parents are giving their children what they think are healthy drinks but it's not always the case. If it's 100 per cent juice that's better. They have natural sugars but shouldn't be drunk all the time.......


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