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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

National Standard Levels of Fluoride Still Cause Nervous System Damage to Children

Yet the US still pumps it in the water
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water-tap-kid-735-350For many countries, the allowable level of fluoride in drinking water is 1.5mg/l. This is an arbitrary number that has never been proven to be safe. In fact, even trace amounts of fluoride have been shown to be ‘a functional liability to the nervous system.’
The CDC states that the “EPA’s enforceable standard for fluoride in public water supplies is 4.0 milligrams per liter,” but this far exceeds any safe amount of fluoride that we should be drinking.
In a Russian study translated to English by FluorideAlert.org, titled The Effect of Small Quantities of Fluorine on the Human Body, we learn that not only do these levels of fluoridation cause nervous system damage, but children were more likely to suffer from endemic fluorosis. This is a malady that can:
“. . .lead to a variable degree of locomotor disability, ranging from simple mechanical back pain to severe, crippling, combined locomotor and neurological impairment. In endemic areas, a substantial proportion of the population may be affected, posing a severe public health problem. In some areas, the hazards to human health are not fully appreciated and are under-reported. The maximum impact is felt in those communities engaged in physically strenuous activities, either agricultural or industrial. The need of these often isolated communities in economically hard-pressed countries, for the provision of low-fluoride drinking water remains a hope rather than an expectation at the present time.”
The Russian study came to the conclusion that low concentrations of fluorine in drinking water (1.5mg/l) cause changes to developing tissues, and harms the development of ‘higher neural activity in humans and animals.’.............


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