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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Colorado City Stops Water Fluoridation Following Concerning Study

water-tap-gray-735-350Snowmass, a skier’s paradise tucked into the Colorado Mountains, and part of Aspen, has decided to stop fluoridating its water. The news comes just after the latest groundbreaking study on water fluoridation concluded that there was zero relationship between water fluoridation and cavity prevention.
As Anthony Gucciardi shared with you on July 1st, the study incorporated years of research into a serious conclusion that could help activists remove fluoride from the water worldwide.
The sanitation district board members at Snowmass decided that ‘it wasn’t in the business of medicating’ its citizens, shortly after the federal government revised its recommendations regarding public-water fluoridation to lower the allowable levels. They recently voted to discontinue fluoridating the unincorporated city’s water even though a prominent member of the board was a dentist who did not vote in favor of halting the practice.
Ward Johnson has been practicing dentistry in Snowmass since 1992. He said:
“In my opinion, the only thing that has changed is we have toothpaste with fluoride now. Without systemically ingesting that fluoride, … you do not get the lifetime of benefit that you get when fluoride is in your enamel.”
Other countries around the world have found that water fluoridation does not positively affect dental carries, otherwise known as cavities. Though two-thirds of America suffers scientifically proven health risks associated to water fluoridation, there is ample evidence that this practice does nothing to help improve dental health.
In fact, water fluoridation can calcify the pineal gland, cause the thyroid gland to become underactive, interfere with important endocrine system functions (like regulating hormones), and cause neurological toxicity which lowers your IQ.......................


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