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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Australia - Fluoridation – Your days are numbered

.........Valdez-Jimenez et al (2011) showed that fluoride is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and accumulating in the brain of the foetus. They conclude this may cause functional and biochemical changes in the nervous system. This can have a profound effect on the neurological and mental development, impacting cognitive processes such as learning and memory. Developing brains are also more susceptible to the effects of any drug. Harvard researchers published a study last year which concluded that children who live in areas with high water fluoridation have significantly lower IQ scores than children living in low fluoridation areas (Choi et al, 2012). This study is significant because it was a meta-analysis of 27 published studies over 22 years looking at increased fluoride exposure in drinking water and neurodevelopmental delays.
Another vulnerable group is Australian Aboriginals as they have a much higher rate of kidney disease than Caucasians. People with kidney disease are at risk from drinking fluoridated water because the kidneys accumulate more fluoride than all other soft tissues of the body, except the pineal gland (Luke 2001). Because of their predisposition to developing kidney disease fluoridation may be discriminatory to Aboriginals (Ludlow et al 2007)......


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