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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Fluoride & Joint Damage/Hip Fractures

This issue has been a pet peeve of mine for years...I first learned of how toxic Fluoride truly is back in 1991 at a science lecture.
Has anyone thought of this and your joints...I believe the UK started fluoridating their public waters in 1955....today I believe there are only a few countries in Europe who are carrying out this practice....UK one of them.
The U.S. started fluoridating waters in 1945 in Grand Rapids, MI......
Our city in So Cal here "sold out" to the Pushers in 2008, after a 3 yr "fight" from we on the Safe Drinking Water group.
I ended up with a hip replacement in 2010, a year or so after this city started this FRAUD.....Yes, I call it a fraud....
Mass medicating the population and I believe causing so much damage to it's citizens....
This history is SO LONG and so many just don't know, but many many are learning thanks to the net. People have been battling "F" for years but no net for years......but people are being woken up..
I follow Dr. Paul Connet and the FAN (Fluoride Action Network) group and support them and do my best to spread the words of this toxin and our organs, glands and joints.....
More later, I need to go out for an acupuncture treatment.
I hope you will find this interesting and MAYBE shed some light on why so many replacements at such "young ages too".......
Oh "F" also does a nasty job on our thyroids, suppresses them...


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