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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Oberon review - Australia - Letter | Truth will prevail on fluoride and its use

THEY say the first victim in war is the truth. Is this a war? It’s certainly a war of words, and a war for the truth. When I first realised that everything I’d heard and seen about fluoride from the government, dentists and television wasn’t entirely kosher it was 2014, and I’d been living in this little town of ours for about four years. Although I’ve lived many places, Oberon was the first place I’d landed where I felt a strong sense of community.  
What got me out of my chair about fluoride in 2014 (the last time it reared its scaly head) was that deep sense of community among the people standing against it. They were and still are a very sincere and well-focused group of concerned local people who have spent an inordinate amount of time researching and understanding as much of the information available about sodium fluoride as they can. Their company and encouragement in the last four years has been deeply inspiring and helped me see the truth about many big issues we all collectively face in this troubled world of ours. Sodium fluoride and its uses are but one. Getting this type of fluoride (unnatural) exposed and revealed for all to see how dangerous it is to human health and, more importantly, how much we’re consuming already, is the challenge ahead and together it can be done.  
Out of convenience and profit, fluoride has penetrated our industrial, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors over the last 60 years via slick marketing and good engineering. It happens to be very useful in medicine, machinery, cookware, lighting, food, beverages and welding rods, to name a few. Of course, the dental industry’s credibility and profits are under major threat from any change in the mass perception of fluoride as ‘safe, effective and equitable’, and the industry is fighting to keep its market share, jobs and businesses from losing face. Thousands of their professional colleagues around the world have spoken out, and continue to do so, against fluoridation. Many dentists in NSW have left fluoride behind and run thriving businesses; toothpaste and dental product manufacturers are producing more fluoride-free products. Time to let it end and move toward a better world, cleansed of toxic industrial waste. Truth always prevails. 

Chris Freeman


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