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Sunday, May 13, 2018

India - Kidney ailment becoming major health threat in Telangana

ADILABAD: Kidney ailment is emerging as one of the major disease affecting the local population  of erstwhile Adilabad district. In the last three years, over 25 people, including children died of kidney ailment and over 300 people are undergoing dialysis at private and government hospitals in Hyderabad and district headquarters government hospitals. Kidney ailment is more prevalent in villages such as Guruja, Khunikhasa, Kanchanpelli, Jalaja and Devnagar in the district.
Currently, in Khunikhasa village, which has a population of 250 people, 13 persons are suffering from kidney ailment. The family of Bheemrao Kamble, who died due to kidney ailment a year ago, is struggling to make ends meet. His wife has psychological issues and she has been finding it difficult to feed her six children.
Human Rights Forum state secretary Attram Bhujanga Rao told Express that his organisation had identified villages facing fluoride water problems. He said that after knowing about the seriousness of the diseases, the doctors organised medical camps  and provided medicines, but a permanent solution to the problem of kidney ailments still lacks. There is high quantity of fluoride and sulphate present in the water in these villages, which is leading to many diseases, the Human Rights Forum state secretary said.


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