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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Canada - Dentists Call For Fluoride’s Return

The debate over whether fluoride in the drinking water supply returns Monday night when the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit presents the findings of a report on oral health.
Health officials are expected to make a presentation to city council five years after Windsor removed fluoride from its water supply amid concerns in the community about the adverse health impacts. At the time, the local health unit urged council to keep fluoride.
The report released in April says the number of day surgeries in Windsor-Essex related to oral-health are three times the provincial average.
Now, the Essex County Dental Society is urging politicians to reconsider their decision.
“We’ve noticed a change over the past two to three years in our patient’s dental health,” says Vice President Dr. Mark Parete. “There is an undeniable connection between soaring cavity rates and de-fluoridation.”
A statement from the society reads, “community water fluoridation, in the correct amount, is a safe and cost-effective way to prevent dental decay. There have been decades of proven and reputable research to support this fact.”
The health unit report also included the results of a community survey. It suggests four out of five residents surveyed support fluoridating the public water supply.
Health officials have said they also plan to make a presentation to Essex County Council.


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