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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, April 13, 2018

Letter NZ

Robbie's view

John Archer's suggestion of adding calcium fluoride to the water supply (instead of the contaminated compounds the so-called Ministry of Health demands) reminds me of an interview granted me several years ago — namely by former Auckland mayor Sir Dove-Myer Robinson.

Not long after fluoridation was introduced to New Zealand, Mr Robinson objected vehemently. He told me how he was not only concerned about individual rights but about the effect of the fluoride pH on Auckland's ageing copper reticulation pipes.

To placate the health officials, he suggested the more neutral calcium fluoride be used instead. But he was as much ridiculed for this idea as for opposing fluoridation in the first place. Calcium fluoride? Far too expensive — and what about the eager suppliers of the other stuff?

Or perhaps the officials were sceptical about Robbie's membership of the New Zealand Soil Association, which recommended organic farming long before it became fashionable.

We hope other mayors will follow the late Sir Dove-Myer Robinson's example.



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