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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

House of Lords - Fluoride: Drinking Water:Written question - HL6639

Department of Health and Social Care
Fluoride: Drinking Water
To ask Her Majesty's Government what discussions they have had with Bedford Borough Council concerning the obligation to ensure that any proposal to terminate water fluoridation schemes is only determined after appropriate consultation, as set out in the Water Industry Act 1991.
Answered by: Lord O'Shaughnessy
Answered on: 09 April 2018
The responsibility for oral health improvement and the power to make proposals in relation to water fluoridation rests with local authorities and Public Health England (PHE) has not been asked to make an independent assessment of the potential oral health impact of any proposal from Bedford Borough Council.
Bedford Borough Council has made a formal proposal to vary water fluoridation arrangements but the Secretary of State has not yet been asked for an opinion on whether the arrangements as varied would be operable and efficient, nor has a view of the water undertaker on this matter or any practical aspects to giving effect to such variation been supplied.
PHE published a water fluoridation toolkit, Improving oral health: a community water fluoridation toolkit for local authorities, in 2016 to support local authorities and PHE’s national and local leads have provided advice to Bedford Borough Council on the evidence base and processes required by legislation should they wish to proceed with a proposal to vary or terminate water fluoridation arrangements. This includes advising them of the requirement to ensure appropriate consultation is undertaken and directing them to the relevant Act and regulations before any proposals for termination. A copy of Improving oral health: a community water fluoridation toolkit for local authorities is attached.
Fluoridation Toolkit (PDF Document, 1.14 MB)


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