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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, November 06, 2017

USA - Sides sink teeth into fluoride debate

As a Cambria County community weighs removing fluoride from its drinking water, dentistry experts and their opponents continue to advocate for different outcomes.

Dentists, orthodontists and other health-minded people have said that fluoride is instrumental in fighting tooth decay.

All the while, however, protesters of fluoride — a mineral used to fight tooth decay — have claimed it could do more harm than good, even causing other ailments.

“I have been an opponent of fluoride,” former Tyrone Borough Mayor Bill Fink said. “And I remain an opponent of fluoride.”

Talks about fluoride in recent weeks stem largely from a decision made by the Greater Johnstown Water Authority to remove the mineral from its drinking supply, as well as a subsequent vote made by the Ebensburg Municipal Authority to do the same.

The Ebensburg decision may later be rescinded, Ebensburg Borough Manager Dan Penatzer said.

“It’s kind of an open question yet,” Penatzer said.

In July, Greater Johnstown Water Authority leaders chose to cease the addition of fluoride into their supply...................................


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