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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, August 07, 2017

The Conspicuously Controversial Case Of Fluoride

The Conspicuously Controversial Case Of Fluoride
Were you aware that fluoride is the subject of considerable scientific controversy with regard to its “medicinal” applications?
Have you ever heard of an outfit calling themselves the Fluoride Action Network (FAN)?
Did you know that this country is in the diminishing minority of those choosing to subject their citizens to the neurotoxic molecule?
How do you feel about being systematically dosed with the neurotoxin without your consent?

When I was a university student, I recall being intuitively curious about how this tiniest halogen, having the greatest degree of electronegativity, might have any potential health benefit. Electronegativity refers to the relative tendency of a molecule to attract electrons.

The government initiated the widespread introduction of fluoride to the masses in 1945, by mandating its inclusion in municipal drinking water; municipalities began poisoning their populations by fluoridating the water. What else happened in 1945? That was the year that USA dropped atomic atrocities on Japan. Soon thereafter, adding tiny atomic atrocities to drinking water supplies was a calculatedly covert conspiracy. I wonder about the coincidental timing of the commencement of the fluoridation program, as well as the subsequent development of another fluoride delivery vector, toothpaste. By now, I don’t exactly suspect there was much of a coincidental happenstance at all.

Science is no stranger to the concept of controversy. Fabricated data and manipulated interpretation form the bedrock of haphazard science, or fraudulent findings being reported in research papers. Peer-reviews offer some checking and balancing in trying to curb the flow of some of the most egregious fraud being accepted for publication in the reputable science journals. However, bogus research squirts through peer-review, gains scientific acceptance, and becomes “real” with disconcerting frequency. Furthermore, sometimes the data might demonstrate evidence contrary to the desired conclusion, and it gets squelched. This is Science’s corrupt version of a three card monte game; the ace is stuffed away without anyone watching being wise to it. Fluoride is one of those shady aces; it got slipped into the nearest ace hole.

If you would, please take a quick peek at your toothpaste labeling, you’ll notice a dire warning; it won’t take too long to find the alerting words, CONTACT POISON CONTROL.

They are aware that it’s poisonous, yet they keep ramming it down our throats, and letting it leach into our blood due to its tiny molecular structure.

Fluoride has various industrial uses, such as with aluminum smelting, Fluoride has only one biological use: poison. The FAN is working hard to help curb the practice of governments “medicating” nonconsenting citizens. I’m sure the FAN would also love to expose the government’s abuse of the ace hole.

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