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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Templeton Times

Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. When in doubt, get it out. 

Friday, August 4, 2017
Fluoride: The Freedom Fight The Best of Moolenburgh A Book Review by Dan Montgomery

The Best of Moolenburgh
A Book Review by Dan Montgomery
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Fluoride: The Freedom Fight, by Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, Mainstream Publishing Company, Edinburgh, 1987 is now out of print.
This is the story of how Dr. Moolenburgh led a successful campaign to end fluoridation in his native country, The Netherlands. Dr. Moolenburgh lived in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. At a pro-fluoridation public meeting of the Municipal Council of Haarlem in 1971, he was at first reluctant to argue with Backer Dirks, the foremost promoter of fluoridation in The Netherlands:

"I was most astonished by this man's behavior. He not only told the public about fluoridation, he 'sold' it to them. The highlight of his act came when he opened a bottle containing, as he said, fluoridated water. He poured some of this into a glass, took a sip, and an exalted expression appeared on his face. 'Mmmm,' he sighed, 'delicious! You do not taste the fluoride at all!'
"What I saw there was nothing more and nothing less than simple, coarse suggestion, I could hardly believe my eyes: he gave me the impression that he believed passionately in fluoridation." (p. 33)
Dr. Moolenburgh waited until the discussion after the meeting and it was his eldest son who said to Professor Dirks, "Professor, you have just shown us two graphs: one of tooth decay in the fluoridated city of Tiel and one of tooth decay in the non-fluoridated city of Culemborg. You have told us that these graphs show a 66% reduction of tooth decay in Tiel. But that is not true, you know. The only thing these graphs show is that tooth decay starts two years later in Tiel, but after that the two graphs are the same.'
"Backer Dirks looked at my son with endless compassion and told him that he could not read a graph like that. Next question please?"
"It took me several years to discover that my son had been dead right and that the success of fluoridation is a statistical error."
"I learned much that evening. I had made a major mistake by not having studied my subject enough. The defeat of the top fluoridationists like Backer Dirks is easily possible, because the whole structure of fluoridation is founded on quicksand. It is founded on statistical errors." (p.34)
"When they say no side effects, ask, "Have you ever looked for them?" It then becomes clear that they have not done real research.
"Dr. Dirks showed a graph that portrayed less tooth decay in the fluoridated city of Tiel. "However, the graph was partly fantasy. Backer Dirks had taken the results from children up until fifteen years of age, and for the next three years he simply continued the diverging lines. But we know now that the lines converge again, especially during those three years, and that for eighteen-year-olds in a fluoridated region the difference from the non-fluoridated region has been practically eliminated. Did Backer Dirks realise that this graph was partly the result of wishful thinking? I do not know. I do know, however, that I had been so intimidated by the man and by his status as a professor that I simply did not think about contradicting him on one of his own graphs." (p.35)........................................


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