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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


A Small Critique of QUEENSLAND HEALTH’S Policy on Fluoridation:
“The practice of water fluoridation involves dosing fluoride at a safe and optimal concentration on a near-consistent basis. A detailed risk assessment should therefore be carried out to assess any risks, which may prevent fluoride dosing from occurring in this manner.”
1) Site security.
Fluoridation plants represent a security risk – an easy target for terrorists and vandals -
therefore, only each daily requirement of chemicals, should be stored at each plant site, under lock and key.
The bulk of the chemicals, should be stored under the security of a military standard…
off-site and delivered daily.

2) ”The water supplier must ensure that any impurities in the fluoridation chemical used to fluoridate the water supply will not adversely affect public health.”
Queensland is using the same product as ‘Mosaic’
See ↓
‘Mosaic’ updates it’s MSDS giving a warning for children!
Maximum Impurity Content values (MICs) is provided in Table 1. ( QUEENSLAND HEALTH )
Fluoride dosing concentrations are far too high. Most of these heavy metals, like the fluoride, are accumulative.

3) The fluoridation of water, is in contravention of Queensland’s own law,
Queensland Criminal Code – 1899 – SECT 87
and as such, all Queensland Government Employees, involved in Queensland Water and fluoridation promotion, are libel. We therefore believe the Queensland Government should close down all fluoridation plants in the state.

4) All reticulated water outlets, domestic, commercial and industrial, should be potable water –
fluoride free - sterilised using chlorine dioxide ( rather than chlorine ).
We are convinced that our web site alone, has amassed sufficient evidence, to justify these recommendations. We are anxious to support you in these endeavours.

5) However, if you consider it necessary, for any person wishing to have access to fluoridated water, taps marked as being – ‘Dosed with Fluoridated Water‘ – could be sited at convenient locations around towns.

Dental authorities who might complain, can be referred to recent events in Israel. :
… High Court Case Number 8173/12

As you can see, we have the science and history – and we are determined.

We want Queenslanders to have, what most countries on this planet have – no artificial water fluoridation.

What we are asking for, will save the Queensland Government, and many of its shires,
a fortune, and increase your popularity.

Yours in health,
Fluoridation Queensland


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