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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Canada - Resident warns council about dangers of water fluoridation

Melissa Williams explained the dangers of adding fluoride to municipal water supplies during council's regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 8.
The City of Cold Lake has a lot to consider after a presentation made by a concerned resident on water fluoridation.
Melissa Williams explained to council during their regular meeting on Aug. 8, how her research has led to what she believes is a better understanding of the impacts of fluoride in municipal water.
According to Williams, the chemical has been linked to delays in brain development, Alzheimer's, and ADD, among other things.
“There are studies that have proven it's a neurotoxin and all of the damages (it causes), but no one is actually looking into the long-term affects,” she explained. “It's a toxic waste product that is harmful for our health and our children. I would love to see the discontinued use.”
Cold Lake water, on average, contains approximately 0.1-milligrams of naturally occurring fluoride per litre. The city adds about 0.6 to 1-milligram of fluoride per litre following the treatment process.
“Health Canada has recommended a maximum dose of 1.5-milligrams per litre is safe in Canada. Anything over and above needs to be addressed,” explained Azam Khan, general manager of infrastructure services for the city.
See more in an upcoming edition of the Regional.


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