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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, June 19, 2017

NZ - Mandatory Fluoridation

Health Ministry Confirms Bill Enables Mandatory Fluoridation

“The intent of the Bill is to enable the extension of fluoridated areas” says the Ministry’s document responding to submissions to Select Committee on the Fluoridation Bill.
“The Minister can require DHBs to consider fluoridation through the existing DHB accountability arrangements” it continues, and then reveals “The Ministry of Health is working with DHB representatives to develop a decision-tree to assist DHBs ... decision-making”.
Does anyone seriously think this “decision tree” will involve information sources other than the Ministry or other pro-fluoridation organizations?
Indeed, DHBs stated in submissions that they want the Ministry to tell it what the science says and give this to DHBs as a policy directive when making decisions. DHBs also supported the lack of any consultation requirements in making a decision.
DHBs submitted that their involvement would “enable a better balance between local decision-making and national policy than is currently being achieved”. Translation: We lost the scientific argument before the New Plymouth and Hamilton tribunals run by councils representing the people, so now we can enforce policy over science.
And if an area is already fluoridated, it can be forced to remain so simply by deliberate inaction by a DHB to consider the question.
If anyone was naïve enough to think this Bill was about anything other than mandatory fluoridation “by the back door”, this report dispels any such illusion.
The Ministry of Health tried to damage our health by keeping lead in petrol in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence it caused harm (recently reconfirmed), it lies to us in claiming that mercury amalgam fillings are safe when the science says otherwise and the rest of the world is moving to ban it, it tries to suppress natural remedies in favour of pharmaceutical palliatives, it refuses to allow doctors to prescribe known cancer cures, condemning thousands of NZers to a premature death, it lied to us when it said hydrogenated trans-fat margarine reduced heart disease when it actually increased it, as had been known for 40 years, it lies to us that over-vaccinating infants is perfectly safe in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence that it can be harmful and even fatal, and it lies to us about fluoridation … the list goes on.
When will the NZ populace wake up and stop believing these liars? When will people realise the Ministry’s prime objective is to support the profits of pharmaceutical companies and other corporations; not promote our health.
If you will do nothing while they put toxic contaminated industrial waste fluoride in your water supply, what won’t you let them do to you and your children?


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