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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Olivia Munn Calls This Common Beauty Ingredient 'Rat Poison'

Photo Credits: Getty Images
When high-profile celebrities reveal their best beauty secrets, it’s usually something pretty boring—for example, drinking tons of water and sleeping a full eight hours every night. However, if you ask Olivia Munn for the beauty advice she lives by, she’ll come right out and tell you the truth (remember her hyaluronic acid potato trick?). So, we sat down with the star to discuss her skin care tips, and unsurprisingly, she did not disappoint.
Munn, who’s partnering with Proactiv to launch its new system ProactivMD, revealed that before using Proactiv, she had relied on the old toothpaste-on-a-pimple trick to clear up blemishes. However, now she swears she’d never use toothpaste on a pimple, but not only because she’s found better-working products. According to Munn, after learning about the effects of fluoride in toothpaste, Munn has decided to steer clear of this ingredient in all its forms.
“If you look at what fluoride is, it's pretty much like rat poison,” she says. “There’s also a direct link that when we ingest fluoride we'll get chin acne, which is why I stopped [using fluoride] two summer ago and I haven’t had one pimple on my chin.”


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