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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Canada - Gravenhurst nurse says taxes shouldn't be spent on fluoridation

Dear Editor,
Re: ‘Oral Health Sometimes Missed’ by Dr. Lisa Simon, Gravenhurst Banner, Thursday May 11.
I agree with Dr. Simon and would like to see Ontario’s Healthy Smiles program expand coverage for low income families, but I also feel coverage should include middle income families with no dental plan. Costly dental work can be unaffordable, leading to poor oral health.Your daily oral health regimen such as brushing, flossing etc. should also include a healthy diet rich in fresh, whole foods, avoiding refined sugars, refined baked goods, soda, fruit juices, ice cream, candy, etc. Oral health depends on vitamins and minerals that support and build strong teeth and bones, especially Vitamin D, K-2 and magnesium which are lacking in many diets.
Fluoride over-exposure from many sources such as toothpaste, fluoridated tap water, baby formulas, or any beverage/food made from fluoridated water, has led to an epidemic of fluoride damaged teeth called dental fluorosis. Skeletal fluorosis, as well, is increasing and we now have an exponential rate of hip fractures.
Communities that have been adding fluoride to the drinking water for decades, continue reporting high rates of dental disease. Recent scientific research has shown fluoridated tap water NOT ‘safe and effective’. Because of these studies, hundreds of Canadian towns have stopped adding HFSA (fluoride) to the community drinking water. Unfortunately, Gravenhurst and Bracebridge councillors decided to continue adding this industrial grade fluoride to the town’s drinking water. However, Huntsville and Baysville made the wise decision to discontinue community water fluoridation.
I suggest reallocating the tax dollars spent on harmful fluoridation chemicals to fund oral health programs for those in dire need of dental care. A win-win for everyone.
Ruth Bednar R.H.N., R.N.C.P., R.O.H.P.


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