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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Orange water authority

Questions and answers about fluoridation
Is it safe to use fluoridated water in making baby formula?
What is fluoride?
What fluoride compound does OWASA use?
What is the quality of the fluoride OWASA uses?
Where does OWASA get the fluoride it adds to drinking water?
What can I do if I want to remove fluoride from OWASA water?
Is there fluoride in the water in OWASA's lakes?
What is OWASA's annual cost for fluoridation?
When did fluoridation begin in our community?
Is it safe to use fluoridated water in making baby formula?

According to the American Dental Association: “Yes, it is safe to use fluoridated water to mix infant formula. If your baby is primarily fed infant formula, using fluoridated water might increase the chance for mild enamel fluorosis, but enamel fluorosis does not affect the health of your child or the health of your child’s teeth.
Parents and caregivers are encouraged to talk to their dentists about what’s best for their child.” ("Fluorosis" refers above to discoloration of teeth.)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC’s) information about fluorosis and baby formula is available by clicking here.............

It may affect your pocket with fees to pay for veneers to cover the staining as people are now brainwashed into believing teeth should be whiter than white.


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