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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Most chronic illness is preventable

Pete Evans: Most chronic illness is preventable

'A lot of doctors and so called health professionals still refuse to connect the dots.'
Pete Evans can be a divisive figure in nutrition, with his Paleo Way brand both inspiring millions to change their lifestyles and eating habits, and attracting its fair share of controversy.
"A lot of doctors and so called health professionals, still cannot, or refuse to connect the dots, that their patients diets are leading to most chronic illness, and that it is preventable and if not reversible, or better managed in a lot of cases, by simply changing the diet, respecting the sun, moving the body and eliminating toxic ingredients (including relationships) from their life and restoring great gut health," Pete wrote.
He said he hopes the interview may change some sceptical viewers' minds – even if only a tiny fraction.
"As I said to my children this week, when they asked about me about this interview, I said 'Well, if 1 million people watch this interview on Sunday night around Australia, and if only 1% of people watching, resonate with what we discuss, and decide to change their lifestyles from watching this segment, then we would have helped change 10,000 peoples lives and that to me is a pretty freakin good thing... don't you think?'"
"As for the other 990000 thousand people that it may not resonate with, well, that is their journey too and perhaps down the line they may want to investigate this further or perhaps not...it is their journey and their choice as it is mine and my families.
All I can say is...don't knock it till you have tried it 100% for 10 weeks then make up your own minds!"
A promo for the episode shows Pete hinting at a "crippling" lifelong condition he has suffered from. He also addresses a number of controversies he's been at the centre of, including his claim that sunscreen is "toxic", calcium in dairy is a myth and a big marketing ploy, and that fluoride is poison.......................


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