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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fix Those Fluoride Stains Today!

Fix Those Fluoride Stains Today! Fluoridosis

Have you noticed white or brown splotches or streaks on your child’s teeth? If you’re alarmed and beginning to think it is a form of tooth decay, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s more likely a case of mild to moderate dental fluorosis. Fluorosis occurs when tooth enamel is exposed to too much fluoride early in its development, which may cause the staining you’re noticing. The question is, though, what can you do about it?

Since most cases of fluorosis are of the “very mild” or “mild” variety, most people live life without a single concern about it. In fact, most are even oblivious to there being anything “different” about their teeth altogether. So, if your child isn’t worried about it, you probably shouldn’t be worried about it either. If on the other hand, your child is bothered by the appearance of their teeth, and particularly if your child’s teeth are shaded brown, then intervention can be a good option.

That said, covering up a case of fluorosis is more difficult than you might think. The three favorable methods to correct it involve a bit of work and cost, but they can be successful. They are dental bonding, veneers, and deep whitening.

You need lots of money for veneers - dentists claim that fluoridation lowers their income - does it?


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