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Monday, February 20, 2017

Paternalistic Managerialism Predetermines Introduction of Fluoride to Public Water

Published on 19 Feb 2017
In February 2017 Orange County North Carolina suffered a water emergency as a result of an "accidental" fluoride overfeed at their water treatment plant. Subsequently, as the water authorities began using interconnects with a neighboring municipality, a 12" water main broke which exacerbated the issue and threatened the entire service area's ability to use their running water.

In response to the event the OWASA board took public comment as the disaster caused the citizens to suffer more than $1 million dollars in damages.

To the OWASA board's surprise, the majority of the public speakers who took time out of their busy day to provide feedback, spoke narrowly in opposition to the community water fluoridation program & demanded it's immediate cessation.

This is not the tangent OWASA wanted or expected to address - their public announcements and news releases made sure to couch the declaration of emergency and events leading to it as isolated, accidental, and simple aberrations of normal fluoridation procedures.

The reality is actually much more dark; OWASA was warned vehemently between 2012-2014 that the fluoridation policy threatened the infrastructure and other biological systems. One should be really wondering now that the utility's sustainability has been severly threatened, whether the original cost benefit analysis of introducing poison industrial fluorosilicic acid still makes fiscal and ethical sense.

They did not want to acknowledge the aforementioned facts, which Zach Davidson brought to their attention back as early as 2013:


Through a series of carefully crafted meetings, the OWASA board in cahoots with the Orange County Health Department put on the auspice of investigation, but never did they waver from the predetermined outcome of continuing fluoridation. Now they are facing a PR nightmare and an investigation into their possible negligence.

Zach cuts through the BS and now questions the entire paternalistic managerialism of the un-elected OWASA board and their stranglehold on the public's water utility.



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