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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, February 18, 2017

(He swears a lot)
Feds Say It's Time to Cut Back on Fluoride in Drinking Water

I drink two liters of water per day and with 0.7 mg/liter, that's 2.25 pounds of pure rat poison they are forcing me to consume each year!
A construction worker in Arizona might drink twice as much water!
How long will he live, eating nearly 5 pounds of rat poison, annually?
Do you want your kids consuming rat poison?
Rat poison is sodium fluoride!
They don't put cadmium, arsenic, lead or mercury in it, so rats are lucky!
For our drinking water, we get the slurry that comes down when they 'wet scrub' the chimneys of the phosphate fertilizer plants and it's loaded with five toxic poisons!
It leaves the plant as a hazardous, industrial waste and arrives, unaltered in any way, at your water company and now it's medicine! MEDICINE!
Are you horrified?
They want kids to drink cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury and fluoride, which is more toxic than lead!
We know that 0.3 mg/liter lowers the IQ by 7 points
Do we need any other reason to stop fluoridating the water supply?

Update: I made an error on the math! Sorry! The amount of rat poison that each of us is consuming, who drink two liters per day is only 1/1000 of what I ed! I apologize! I was a math tutor and should have been more careful. As the video was uploading to YouTube, I realized my mistake, doing the math again, in my head. I used grams, instead of miligrams and so the error was 1,000 times as much. The point is sill the same; How much poison is the 'right amount'? I still say, NONE!


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