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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Published on 7 Jan 2017
I present the mixing instructions I use to get a specific amount of Borax (all natural sodium Borate) and my personal experiences of the life changing miraculous effects that it had in my life. This video provides information about my experiences and healing of life long degenerative arthritis and the removal of fluoride, heavy metals, and calcification of the joints and muscles / body that I once though was just old age setting in and found it was toxification, mineral deficiencies ...

Borax is a safe and effective mined mineral to use in many ways. I want to clarify the safety factors of Borax, to help clear up any misconceptions... First off, always follow the manufactures recommendations and warnings to be safe... Borax is a mineral that is mined similar to many table salts... and to put borax toxicity into proper perspective, it should be pointed out that table salt is 1.5 and up to 2 times more toxic on ingestion as borax. I point this out to those who would worry about Borax as a poison and one must consider it as such as one must also consider table salt under its own safety data sheets as more of a toxic element and therefore adhere to the recommended cautions.... Again, one must use caution, when using borax, but one must also understand that salt it far more toxic with ingestion levels, than borax as listed on the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for borax and for salt, which I am attaching links to for understanding and educating...
The Borax manufacturers MSDS PDF file is located in the following link:
and in fair comparison, the MSDS PDF file for table salt is at the following link as well: http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?ms...
It is interesting and necessary to point out that the important minerals contained in pure Borox are considered by many as safe and even necessary and essential for proper health... Borax contains the natural mineral Boron in it and there have been various research done on it with numerous health benefits, and arthritis cures due to people being deficient in boron, which is involved with healthy bone development and density and proper calcium deposits in the right places. Borax is also used by many to remove toxic fluoride from the body as well as calcification in hurtful locations ....The following link is to the article appropriately called "The Borax Conspiracy", which clearly shows a massive cover-up to keep people from healing themselves naturally using the essential minerals in Borax... http://www.health-science-spirit.com/... ... The bottom line is that Borax is shown in the research to have incredible health and healing benefits and uses... some of these minerals might also be used in building necessary and healthy minerals into garden soils so our own food sources can provide what our bodies are in need of as well!

Magnesium is so critical for us to be taking, that Dr. Carolyn Dean wrote the book called the Magnesium Miracle... and Dr. Dean has numerous lectures and interviews on YouTube that are very informative. Here is one on the magnesium that I highly recommend, as it will also change your life if you glean from her medically backed research and recommendations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4kBz...

Natural Salts / minerals are something I and I would guess most of us are severely deficient in ... Here is an eye opening video I would highly recommended... It is a video lecture by Dr. Brownstein based on his book called Salt Your Way to Health and if you glean from this amazing Doctors advice and recommendations that are based on research, it will also change your life https://vimeo.com/66122142

Disclaimer: The aim of this video and provided web sites and MSDS, for Borax and the higher toxicity of table salts is to provide information only using my experiences using Borax and its effects in my life. The author cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with the methods provided and in the web sites and does not recommend using borax to treat any disease in countries where this was wrongly made illegal or where it is legal. As with any information provided... For any serious disease, or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of your or a competent health professional. and God Bless you!


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