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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Israel - Fluoride in water

Jerusalem Post26 Jan 2017
How are Israel’s people affected by the content and quality of their water?
One of the very first moves of former health minister Yael German – an act considered by many to be her most important accomplishment – was to remove the fluoride from our water supply due to the abundant research showing that it has dangerous effects on our brains and throughout our bodies.
One of the first things that Ya’acov Litzman, our present health minister, did was to add fluoride to our water – due to its alleged health benefits. One can only assume that he concluded that fluoridated water’s alleged benefits far outweigh any risk.
As our entire population is dependent on the quality of our country’s water, this highly controversial topic deserves serious investigation.
Mevaseret Zion


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